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Cap'n Dave's Dinosaur Lectures & Shows
Cap'n Dave Eisenstein
Are you a kid, or just a kid at heart?  Does the thought of a T-Rex on the
hunt get your heart racing?  Ever wonder what those plates on a
Stegosaurus were really for?  Well, me too!  Dinosaurs are my passion
and I’ve been studying them since I was five years old, and if you’re in
Nevada, Utah, Arizona, or Southern California, I’d like to share that
passion with you and your organization.

I’m a nationally recognized educator and teacher with over 12 years
experience as a military instructor and have been teaching about
dinosaurs and other paleontology topics since 2001.  In that time I’ve
cultivated a funny, audience-friendly delivery style and a reputation for
making technical and scientific topics easy for everyone to understand.

I’m knowledgeable in a broad range of topics that fall under the heading
of paleontology.  Some of the presentations I’ve given in the past include
“What Jurassic Park Got Wrong" and “T. Rex:  Predator or Scavenger?"  
And I have many, many more to offer you.  If these shows don't meet
your desires just let me know and I can gin up a presentation that will.  I
can tailor my presentations to your needs and capabilities, with shows
ranging from straight lecture with props to multimedia and Power Point if
you have computerized projection equipment.

So if you want to know what kind of creatures used to live in your area,  
or just want to get back in touch with that inner kid, let me be your
guide.  Please call or e-mail me for availability and I'll come out to see
you with my traveling dinosaur museum.

NEW:  The good folks at Roos-N-More Zoo allow me to use some of their
animals in my presentations.  It costs a bit more, but my friend Tapitha, a
4 foot long red-tailed boa, really adds excitement to any dino
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Nevada Friends of
Paleontolgy (NFOP)
Cap'n Dave's
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Cap'n Dave is
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Animal Handler
for the
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